H 1 Databases at the National Botanic Garden of Belgium

Commentaire public : The Herbarium of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium (BR) houses approximately 4 million specimens. At present about 12 % of the specimen information has been data-based. The garden uses BG-BASE (ver.6.8) to database its herbarium collections. This application is designed to manage biological information (primarily botanical) for botanic gardens and herbaria. The underlying database program is OpenInsight (Revelation Software) and S/List (Sprezzatura) for querying data. BG-BASE is currently used in 197 institutions (33 countries) worldwide, of which 39 use the herbarium module. BG-BASE comprises numerous tables that focus on specific subjects; at present BR has access to 143 tables of which only 15 are regularly used. 30-40 000 new specimen records are created per year at BR. These figures can be greatly improved through more efficient workflow schemes and information prioritisation. A limited set of data is available on the internet via the Garden’s Virtual Herbarium (www.br.fgov.be/RESEARCH/COLLECTIONS/HERBARIUM/advanceds earch.php). There is also data exchange with herbaria with which we exchange duplicate specimens and those in Democratic Republic of Congo that have historically important duplicate material.

Site : Conservatoire botanique national alpin

Langue : Anglais

In : Les herbiers publics et privés de Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, 28 septembre 2012, Digne-les-Bains